Audit and assurance

Following rules and collecting data? No, at Eshuis Accountants en Adviseurs, audit services encompass far more than that. We assign meaning to the facts and figures in such a way that we stimulate you to maximise your opportunities and minimise your risks.

Financial Reporting and Accounting services

Without financial reports that contain up-to-date management information, it is basically impossible to make the right business decisions. These days, there are countless ways to handle a business’s financial administration and reporting. One example is the possibility of the entrepreneur and the accountant to work together within the same administration environment. This allows us to e.g. offer you timely and specific advice and it also serves as the foundation for the creation of any intermediate financial reports.

Tax consultancy

Are you familiar with all the tips and tricks you can use to minimise the amount of taxes you have to pay? Do you ever wonder if your retirement plan is solid? Do you want to transfer your assets in a fiscally beneficial way? Many people tend to get lost within our complicated tax system. Eshuis Belastingadviseurs knows all about the latest regulations and is happy to offer you its valuable advice.

Employment services and consultancy

Your staff organisation starts with selecting the right people. Still, there are plenty of choices left to make after that. Do you handle your employment services yourself or would you rather outsource some or all of it? Do you want to outsource certain business units or retain them as part of the in-house organisation? These issues and many others require careful consideration. Our Employment Services team can offer you all the support you need.
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Organisational consultancy

Successful entrepreneurship calls for insight into much more than just the raw data. Eshuis has identified three important variables: the personalities of your organisation’s core team, your financial position and your organisational strength. Eshuis Organisatieadvies keeps these factors in mind and gives qualitative and personal substance to consultancy jobs concerning issues pertaining to Strategy & Profitability, People & Organisation and Processes & IT.

Instant consultancy

Immediate, quick and high-quality advice. Always the right insights to make decisions. Our experience with accountancy, audit, taxes and consultancy enables us to give you instant insight into the status of your organisation.

Online services

Working in a digital environment and having the latest data available immediately. Eshuis supports entrepreneurs online as much as possible. In addition to offering support with managing your administration online, we also offer online services pertaining to payroll and staff administration.
We also offer online insight into your organisation (financially). Our comprehensible overviews let you manage your organisation in the best way possible.

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