Because we work with permanent sector teams, we are always aware of the latest developments that occur within your sector. Our people follow the latest market and industry developments closely. This allows us to work together with you to anticipate the possible consequences of these developments on your organisation in a timely manner.

Our sector teams

Food service industry and retail
Organisations in the food service and retail industries that want to make a difference have come to the right place. Because we combine our knowledge of and experience with these two related sectors, we can work with you to stay one step ahead of the market!
Healthcare, welfare and medical
Developments in the healthcare sector occur at a dizzying pace. Transitions in the (youth) healthcare sector and the Social Support Act result in additional responsibilities at the local level. We are fully qualified to work together with partnerships, physical therapy and physicians’ practices and welfare institutions.
Building and Construction
Eshuis is proud to count many of the building and construction companies in the region of Twente among its clients. Because we also work together closely with companies that supply materials and equipment to the construction sector, we have insight into the entire chain. Innovation in construction contributes to the continuity of the entire sector.
Industry and technology
Twente has a rich history of industrial and technological businesses. Eshuis recognises the strength and sustainability of this sector, provided that automation and robotics – a Smart Industry, in other words – become major aspects of this field.
Professional services and IT
Twente is home to many professional service providers that are leading players in their sector. We specialise in this field in order to help leading businesses stay ahead of the competition!
The automotive sector is constantly in motion. Whereas in the past, businesses in this sector mostly focused on their own region, many companies are now looking at the national or even international level. Our team knows what the relevant issues are and how to tackle these!
Not for profit
Not for profit organisations make a significant contribution to the region, to entrepreneurs and to individuals in a number of ways. Whether it concerns municipalities, educational institutes, foundations and/or associations, we detect a strong need for financial, fiscal, employment and/or organisational services in the not for profit sector.We want to work together with you to make not for profit organisations more successful!

We speak the language of your sector and are at your service as a strategic sparring partner.

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