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Eshuis Accountants en Adviseurs – A personal balance

We are Eshuis Accountants en Adviseurs. Since 1932, we have grown into an accountancy and consultancy agency to be reckoned with. We love working with facts and figures. However, our over eighty years of experience have taught us that facts and figures are not a goal in and of themselves. What matters is offering insight into your financial, fiscal and organisational performances. This insight gives you the opportunity to achieve your personal ambitions and your organisational strategies
Everything starts with your request. Our teams’ years of experience allow us to get to the bottom of complex issues quickly, to tackle and resolve them. This not only goes for the way we handle the communication with our clients, but also for the way in which we accept our corporate social responsibility. That leads to a personal balance!

Our organisation

Eshuis Accountants and Consultants advises organisations in the SME sector, the not for profit sector and independent professionals. Our multidisciplinary team consists of:
– Accountants and auditors
– Tax consultants
– Employment consultants
– Organisational consultants
To offer you the best possible service, we will assign a permanent contact to act as your account manager. Our account manager is fully aware of the latest developments within your organisation and can answer any questions you have quickly and adequately!

Our cultural values

Eshuis Accountants en Adviseurs stands for:

Trust and respect
This requires open and honest feedback from ourselves and from you. It helps us help each other grow and expand our limits.
Personal growth and expanding limits
We invest in professionalism, so we can offer you advice supported by up-to-date expertise and knowledge of the latest developments.
Drive and pleasure in what we do
Our passion for our job makes us ambitious. We set the bar high for ourselves. This leads to added value for you, our client.
Level-headed and proud
We cherish the level-headedness of our region, yet we are proud to promote the fact that we are a leading organisation in the east of the Netherlands.

Our ambition

We strive to be a socioeconomic beacon in our region. To that end, we offer entrepreneurs professional services pertaining to accountancy, fiscal matters, HRM and organisational development. We help you recognise and manage risks and take full advantage of opportunities, so you can be more successful as an entrepreneur. We keep track of the latest developments in our clients’ businesses and the market conditions under which they operate.

How we do this:

We operate quickly and on time and we offer excellent value for money.
Our processes are “lean” and optimally supported by state of the art IT solutions.
Everything starts with your request. Our people are adequately trained and out to exceed your expectations!


CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. In recent years, it has become a popular term used by many organisations. Eshuis is no exception; we do not focus solely on our own economic interests, but we are also aware of our position within society. This means that we make contributions to society in several areas without the aim of economic gain.

For example, we assist (starting) entrepreneurs with issues pertaining to accountancy, fiscal matters and organisational advice. We do so in cooperation with CeeCee Community, De Twentse Betekeniseconomie and De Groeimeesters.
Furthermore, we offer internship positions to students, we host presentations at colleges and we are housed in a sustainable office building.
Our view on CSR means we are transparent about our strategic course. For more information, please refer to our annual report.

Financial support
We offer financial support to several (sports) associations in which Eshuis employees are involved. That is another aspect of our Corporate Social Responsibility. We stimulate our employees to take on board positions or to contribute to social organisations as volunteers. Around 30% of our people currently hold such a position. Below, you will find an overview of some of the organisations and associations that Eshuis employees are involved with in a managerial or voluntary capacity:
– Football club Quick ’20
– Tennis club Deurningen
– Volleyball club Flash Stars
– Cycling club Tubbergen
– Dutch Red Cross

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